Whole, Half, and Quarter Pig Ordering!


It’s that time of year again. Springtime and the time to reserve your pork for the fall. Ordering your pork this way supports the farm by providing early capital to buy piglets and feed, and it also saves you 10-20% off retail prices! It also ensures you access to bacon, which we sell out of quickly. Need I say more?

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If you need a few more details, check out our FAQ below.

Whole and Half Pig Order from Deep Roots Farm

How It Works:

We will raise your pig for you, charging you $8-$8.75 per lb depending on whether you purchase a quarter, half, or whole hog. This price will cover the butchering fees but any smoking and sausage making will be extra. Sausage, bacon, and ham cost between $1.60-$3.25 per pound. Once we get closer to butchering time, you’ll fill out a form on how you would like to have your pig butchered. That way, you can decide how much of the meat you would like fresh, smoked, or made into sausage and bacon.

What breed of pig?

We have a wonderful pig supplier in Connecticut who raises heritage breed piglets on pasture. They are a mix of Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace hogs that they call Housatonic Hogs. They are raised from the beginning on local, certified NON-GMO grains.

How will the pigs be raised?

When we get our pigs, we put them into a large shed for a couple of weeks so they can be trained to electric fence. Then they are put out onto pasture and in the woods. They are rotated to fresh real estate every 9-12 days so they always have access to fresh forage. Their diet is supplemented with certified non-GMO grain from Green Mountain Feed. They receive daily back scratches and hose downs on hot summer days and are typically some of the happiest pigs I’ve ever seen.

When and where will they be butchered?

The pigs will be butchered in the fall (late September to early October) at Vermont Packinghouse. They make cured and uncured bacon, hams, and sausage. Sausage comes in mild Italian, hot Italian, maple breakfast, smoked kielbasa, and chorizo. All meat comes back frozen and vacuum sealed.

The cost of a pig.

1/4 Pig- $8.75/lb + Smoking

1/2 Pig- $8.50/lb + Smoking 

Whole Pig- $8.00/lb + Smoking 

Many farms charge for whole pigs by the “dressed” or hanging weight of the pig. That is the weight of the pig once the entrails are removed but before it is cut into retail cuts. This year we are simplifying the process and charging by the pound for the actual cuts you’re receiving. For example if you buy half a pig at $8.50 per pound, you’ll end up paying $11.50/lb for your bacon instead of $13 and $10.10 for sausage instead of $12. You can expect to save 10-15% off retail price if you’re buying half a pig and even more if you’re buying a whole pig.

If you would like organs, hocks, jowls, etc, also known as oddments, those will all be available at $3/lb instead of $4.50-$6/lb. If you would rather pass on them, that’s okay too. This way you’re only paying for what you’re getting.

How much meat is in a pig?

We are shooting for live weights of 270-300 lbs. This will yield about 130-140 pounds of retail cuts plus oddments. So a whole pig would be ~130 lbs, half would be ~65 lbs of meat, and a quarter would be ~32.5 lbs.

Where you pick up your pork

We will pick the pork up at the butcher for you and bring it back to the farm for distribution. We will give as much notice as possible, but at least two weeks. Pork will need to be picked up on the day of distribution as we won’t have enough freezer space for all of it.

How do I reserve a pig?

Fill out the form on our website and send us your deposit. When it gets closer to butchering time, we’ll send you a cut sheet and help you fill it out.