Products and Prices

Deep Root-17Pastured Eggs- $6/dozen 

Our chickens live in a mobile coop that we call the eggmobile. They follow the cows; eating bug larvae, spreading out cow patties, and fertilizing the fields! They are absolutely not fed a 100% vegetarian diet because chickens are omnivores! They forage and eat non-GMO grain.


Salad Bar Beef

Our beef is 100% grass fed. In the summer they are rotated to a fresh salad bar every day and in the winter they munch on hay grown right here on our farm. Our fields are fertilized by the cows themselves and the pig and chicken bedding we spread in the spring time. Nothing synthetic ever!

By the Pound

Ground Beef- $9/lb

Burger Patties- $10.00/lb

Round Roasts– $9.00/lb

Chuck Roast- $9/lb

Brisket- $10/lb

Stew Meat- $9/lb

Tenderloin Steaks (filet mignon)- $28/lb

Rib-eye- $24/lb

Sirloin Steak- $18/lb

NY Strip- $21/lb

Short Ribs– $10/lb

Marrow Bones- $7/lb

Pigerator Pork-

Our pigs are raised on non-GMO grain, hay, and organic veggies. We’re using them to root up the overgrown edges of our fields and turn them back into beautiful pasture!

Quarter, Half, and Whole Pigs Available

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Bacon -$13/lb

Cottage Bacon- $13/lb

Bacon Ends- $12/lb

Tenderloin Roast– $18/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage (In links and 1lb bulk)– $12/lb

Smoked Kielbasa- $13/lb

Ground Pork– $9/lb

Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage- $12/lb

Ribs– $9/lb

Liver/Heart– $4.50/lb

Back and Leaf Fat- $2/lb

Jowls- $4/lb

IMG_5777Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our meat birds are raised only during summertime when the green grass is growing and they can be moved to fresh grass daily to get all the greens, bugs, and worms they can. They are also fed non-GMO grain.

Whole Chicken- $6/lb

Chicken Breast– $16/lb

Chicken Wings- $6/lb

Chicken Quarters (Legs)- $7/lb

Chicken Backs– $3/lb

Chicken Hearts- $4.5/lb

Chicken Livers- $4.5/lb